Considerations for future stays

This is part 2 of our Coronavirus FAQ covering off how to keep both yourselves and your guests safe and healthy.

What happens if a guest has to self-isolate and is due to stay with me? 

Again, we will take each request on a case-by-case basis and discuss directly with you as to whether you would like to offer the guest a date change or if we should advise the guest to claim on their travel insurance.

What if a guest is in one of the ‘at risk’ groups? 

We recommend the guest follows the government advice for their circumstances and refers to their travel insurance. As above, we will take each request on a case-by-case basis and discuss with you.

Should I be offering self check-in? 

We would advise you to do this as standard now. You could leave the key in the door or in a safe place and communicate this to guests in advance. You can leave additional information that you would usually explain printed out in the space and email it to the guests in advance. Some owners have created a video they will send to guests in advance too, or have suggested calling the guest when they arrive so they can talk them through the check-in over the phone.

What should I do about cleaning between changeovers? 

We advise you take a look at the below links and remain up to date on the guidance given by The Department for Health & Social Care:

How to prevent germs from spreading

Coronavirus advice for the hospitality industry

We’ve also set up our Clean and Safe charter, so do have a read of this. We’ll also be getting in touch with you directly about this too.

We encourage you to consider your future changeovers and how you can ensure you’re taking the necessary steps and factor in time for additional cleaning. You may want to consider a slightly later check-in time or earlier check-out time if this will help to give you the extra time you need, but please do let your guests know in advance if you are changing this.

Should I still allow guests to use the hot tub during their stay? 

This is up to you and the guest. There are reports that the Covid-19 virus can’t survive in chlorinated water, however this is up to you and the guest to decide. If you want to continue to offer the hot tub as an option, let the guests know the cleaning measures you have taken and ensure that as always the water is replaced between every guest. Also remind guests to shower before and after using the hot tub and wash their hands after they’ve come into contact with any handles, surfaces, etc.

What do I do about any shared facilities? 

This will depend on what the facility is. If it’s a shower shared between multiple spaces for example, you might want to allocate a set time per guest and communicate that you’ll be cleaning between guests, or ensure that guests wash their hands after use. With shared loos, again ensure guests are washing their hands. Owners who have multiple loos on site shared across spaces have suggested they’ll allocate one loo per space and send out a map and directions etc. in advance so guests know which areas and facilities to stick to.

If it’s a shared communal area, such as a living area, it may be best to close this and keep out of bounds to guests.

Where possible, you could allocate time slots to guests. Although it would be no different to people coming into contact at other hospitality venues. Ensure you communicate handwashing/hygiene to guests as well as any additional cleaning measures you will be implementing as a precaution. Equally you can encourage guests to take responsibility – leave out an anti-bacterial spray and ask them to spray after they’ve finished.

Again, shared facilities are considered as part of our Clean and Safe charter, so we’ll help you manage this accordingly.​

You may also find this information useful.

Should I still offer food to guests? 

If you provide breakfast, you can leave it in the space for the guest for the duration of their stay and let them know in advance? This will mean you and the guest don’t have to come into contact with one another.

It’s up to you if you want to continue to offer any other meals during this period if this is something you would usually do but again anything where it’s going to bring you and your guests into contact is best avoided.

Do you have a template email I can use to send to guests who are requesting a date change within 10 weeks? 

If you send something like the below to guests, please copy in

Dear …

If you would like to change your dates now, please check the availability calendar on the Canopy & Stars website for insert name of place and send your preferred new dates in response to this email. Please note if there is a price increase due to the time of year, this will need to be paid at the time of changing your dates.

If you are not quite ready to book new dates we can keep a credit against your current booking reference. This is what you’ll need to do:

  • Let us know you would like us to hold a credit against your booking reference
  • Confirm a new date within 3 months or at least stay in touch during this time, giving us an update on your situation.
  • If there is a price increase with your new dates this will need to be paid at the time of re-booking.

Alternatively if you have travel insurance or you are covered through your bank insurance, we can provide you with all the relevant documents to support your claim.

What communication should I send to guests before they arrive? 

Here’s a suggested template email you can use to send to guests who are due to check in once the quarantine period is over. Obviously you will need to tweak it as appropriate for your business and what works for you.


We hope you are looking forward to your stay at <place name> on <date>. 

The UK’s situation and advice surrounding the coronavirus outbreak is changing rapidly. At the moment, the government is talking about avoiding “non-essential” travel. There haven’t been guidelines as to what exactly this means, how long it might last or what the next steps might be so it is your decision as to what that means for you but we wanted to let you know the current steps we have taken here for your safety and ours, which will hopefully give you some reassurance and allow you to enjoy what we’re sure is a much needed, relaxing stay. 

Check-in – I/we have always enjoyed welcoming our guests on arrival but with the current advice on social distancing and reducing contact we are doing things slightly differently. The space will be all ready for your agreed arrival time (please let us know your arrival time in advance). The key will be in the door (additional options: heating on, hot tub warmed up, steps and pathway lights on). 

There will be an information sheet inside on the table for you with all the details you should need to know but we are still very much available if you need extra information, advice or have any issues whatsoever – we are determined that as far as possible this situation shouldn’t affect our guests’ experience. We are here to help just as much as ever; my/our contact number will be on the information sheet. There are directions and arrival instruction on our listing, under the ‘Location’ tab: <C&S web link>

Breakfast/meals – instead of a daily morning delivery, all your breakfast/food items will be in the space for the entirety of your stay. In the fridge there will be… In the kitchen you’ll find…

Hygiene – you may want to give specifics on what you are doing as part of your changeover process, or just reassure that you are doing your usual thorough clean and what that involves. If you are providing plenty of handwash/soap, you could also say this or advise guests to bring extra. 

It is very much against our instincts as hosts to reduce face-to-face contact with our lovely guests, as we get so much satisfaction from knowing that our guests feel a very warm welcome and can relax quickly to enjoy their downtime, but for now this is necessary to keep those around us and the wider community safe, so please know you are still very welcome here and we will endeavour to still give you the very best experience.

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