Coronavirus payment FAQs

We are currently receiving a high level of enquiries so do take the time to read our FAQs below and if your query hasn’t been answered, please then email the Owner Support Team at If your query is about a specific guest or booking, please email the Guest Experience Team at We will be monitoring the situation closely and updating this article on a regular basis (Monday–Friday).

Last updated 6 November 2020

Payment FAQs

How will payments for owners work?

For many of you, we have already made payments to you for stays that were due to occur during the travel ban. Where those stays were moved to future dates, we won’t seek to get the funds back. For stays that were due to take place during the travel ban that have not yet been paid over to you, where those stays have been moved to future dates, these will then be paid over when they become due (10 weeks prior to the new stay dates).

What happens when a guest re-books for dates at a lower price, but I have already been paid for the booking?

If an original booking that has already been paid over to you gets cancelled and moved to a new booking at a lower price, then the amount refunded on the original booking will be reclaimed from you at the date the refund was made which will then be deducted in the next available payment run. E.g. an original booking for £250 that was paid over to you in January then gets rebooked to September at the value of £200 and a refund of £50 was put through to the guest on 30/04/20, then the £50 refund will show on your May payment.

When will I receive payment for a date change made at a higher price (e.g. they moved their booking from low to peak season dates)?

If an original booking that has already been paid over to you gets cancelled and moved to a new booking at a higher price, then the additional amount collected will be paid over at the new bookings balance due date. For example an original booking was for £250 and paid over to you in January then gets cancelled and rebooked later on in the year with a booking value of £300 and a remittance date of 15/09/20, the additional £50 will be paid over in the October payment run.

What happens to the funds already paid by a guest for a booking that has now moved to different dates but that I have not been paid for? 

It depends if the booking has already been paid over to you, if it has the money will stay with you. If an original booking which has not yet been paid over to you (it would have been paid over if the remittance date on the booking is less than April 2020) gets cancelled and rebooked then you won’t be paid until the new booking is due as the funds get moved from the original booking to the new booking at the new bookings value.

Can guests cancel their booking and request a refund if their new dates are now outside of 10 weeks?

No. As the guests are within 10 weeks of their original booking their booking is non-refundable as per our standard T&C’s.  The details including that the booking is a date change will be noted under their booking reference.

When will you reclaim the funds for a booking that has been refunded?

We are pushing for date changes wherever possible. When a refund has been made in line with CMA guidance, any refunds get put through in the next available payment run given that they were done in the month previous (eg all the April refunds will be reclaimed from you in the May payment run, all the May refunds will be reclaimed from you in the June payment run).

What will happen if there isn’t enough of a payment due to cover a refund?

We will be in touch with you individually if you are affected by this.

In the event that a refund is offered or a guest cancels outside the 10 week cancellation period, what happens to the deposit?

Our approach as a business is to retain as many of your bookings as possible. Where a full refund needs to be given in line with CMA guidance we are refunding our deposit, but we are also asking if guests are able to accept the deposit in the form of a gift voucher to try and encourage them to book with you or another owner again in future.

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