Business loans – advice from Triodos Bank

How would a business owner know if they are eligible?

At Triodos Bank, we only lend to organisations that have a positive impact on people and planet. We know banking can be a force for good, so we use our deposits to create positive social, environmental and cultural change to build a more sustainable society. Transparency is core to our business model and so we publish details of every organisation we finance on our website, so our customers can see for themselves how their money is delivering positive change for people and planet.

We provide loans for tourism projects which operate sustainably and are certified by the Green Tourism Business Scheme. In the past few years, we’ve provided loans to a number of Canopy & Stars owners.

What do you look for in terms of eligibility for a business loan?

Typically, we provide finance for customers that make a cash contribution to the project, can provide evidence that they can repay the loan, and have security to support the borrowing.

How much can owners borrow?

We provide loans from £100k to £20m.

What rates can a business owner expect to achieve?

Our rates are assessed on a case-by-case basis, we base our rates on the risk level involved.

What are the first steps in order to apply? What would you recommend to businesses looking to apply?

Fill in an enquiry form on our website or call our team. The enquiry will be passed on to a specialist relationship manager, who will then contact you to discuss your options. If your request is eligible, your relationship manager will ask for further information, which may include your financial accounts, financial projections and a business plan.

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