Welcome to the Tribe – Kirsty and Gary

Dither & Faff is a handcrafted shepherd’s hut that shares Kirsty and Gary’s farm in Dorset with their eclectic collection of animals. When the couple decided to share their idyllic spot, they found a natural division of labour – Gary built his business in the construction industry, so took on creation of the space, Kirsty “excelled at dithering and faffing” so took on development of the brand. They wanted the hut to show off everything their local area has to offer, as well as feeling the need to protect and promote the environment by building something sustainable that would give people a real experience of nature.

Since opening in 2018 they have been happy to see many guests loving the space. They get a real buzz from hearing the reaction as they show guests to the hut, and they rush over when people have left to see what’s been written in the visitor’s book. They’re pleased to note that most people don’t get back in their cars for the duration of their stay, instead spending the time walking by the riverside, heading to the local pub or just relaxing at the hut. 

Since joining the group Kirsty said “Despite being new to the group we truly feel like part of a family. The whole team are super approachable and friendly and we feel well supported with guidance available at anytime. It has been a boost for Dither & Faff starting with C&S and we can see exciting times ahead!”

We’re really happy to have them with us and super excited to see where Dither & Faff goes in the future.

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