Our team had a brilliant few days at both the Glamping Show and Farm Innovation Show. The companies that caught their eye this year were those evolving in terms of the designs and experiences they’re providing, particularly builders and designers. For Owners looking to build new spaces there are some really creative small scale suppliers creating interesting and affordable structures. Through clever design and build they are carefully balancing the need for bespoke builds with affordability.



Iglucraft offer a range of beautifully designed, Nordic-styled saunas and cabins. Their creative craftwork uses only natural materials; the exteriors are covered with spruce shingle whilst the interior uses aspen. There are a large range of styles available, and whilst they are a significant investment, for a site with access to fresh water they can be an exciting addition.


Life Space Cabins

Life Space Cabins are creators of fun dynamic life spaces. They use responsibly sourced materials and considered design to ensure as little harm as possible is done to the environment as possible. Their portfolio includes a huge range of styles, from container spaces to outdoor dining areas and timber-framed treehouses.


The Pebble

If you’re looking for a really innovative new space idea, have the right setting and are up for partnering on a prototype then The Pebble could be for you. We believe a good glamping experience is about play and creating a deeper connection to nature and pushing an experience through all senses.



If you’re thinking about how you can make your experience (whether for adults or kids) more playful then Touchwood are a good starting point. They specialise in designing and building bespoke kids play areas using natural materials, such as larch, chestnut and oak.

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