With autumn and winter bookings on the rise, we’ve pulled together some suggestions on keeping your guests toasty and dry in winter and making your site do a little more for you. Some of them are simple, quick things you can do to grab a couple more weeks availability, others might need a little more planning.

Consider just opening for wintry special occasions and holidays – October half-term, Christmas, New Year

These are popular times for going away, so worthwhile opening your calendar. Go to town with fairy lights, Christmas decorations and a tree. As it’s a special time of year and is peak time with peak rates too, think about adding a hamper with some seasonal treats. If you are considering opening up for the festive period, make sure you’re happy with the booking rules and block out any dates you’re away, so no surprise Christmas Day arrivals or double bookings!

Think about the outside spaces

If your kitchen or bathroom is outside, or the firepit, benches and outdoor space is likely to be unusable in rough weather, see if you can find somewhere for guests to do the everyday things, cooking and washing, without having to go outdoors. A simple canvas cover won’t turn the washing up area into a snug den, but might make using it a fun, if chilly, experience.

Invest in a wood-burner

Wood-burners are a great way of heating your space, guests love them, and they add to the experience. Think about a woodstore to keep logs dry and consider whether or not you will include wood in the cost of the stay or add it as an optional extra.

Extra blankets

A must-have. Not only do blankets keep guests warm, they sell the cosy winter experience of snuggling up and doing nothing. Bliss. Sometimes it’s the simple things which are the most effective.

Hot water bottles

Whilst you can buy standard ones which work well, we’ve also found some full body ones. They look great and keep the whole bed (and guest!) warm.

Hot tub

A hot tub is the number one experience searched for by guests on our website. Not only are they a favourite of guests, but they also provide a fun experience for anyone staying in winter.

Outdoor baths

Similar to hot tubs, outdoor baths are growing in popularity. We’ve seen some cool creations by Humble Bee, Up^, Brook House Woods and The Old Piggery which have been popular with onsite traffic and guests.


Some of our Owners use sheep’s wool insulation for timber structures. Canvas spaces can invest in winter covers meaning you can offer your experience all year round.

Heated towel rails

Heated towel rails add a bit more heat to the bathroom and toasty towels for your guests post shower. They also help dry the towels and combat damp too.


Not an essential item, but guests will thank you for them, if there’s an outdoor bathing option or even for covering up post-shower to keep warm.

Winter friendly activities

Let guests know what they can get up to in winter – whether it’s scrabble or cards provided in the space or a cosy pub serving good food nearby that’s worth braving the cold and rain for.


As it starts to get darker earlier, make sure there is sufficient lighting in the space and if there are any external facilities or pathways to the bathroom ensure they are fully lit. At the very least do provide a couple of torches or handy headtorches for braving midnight loo trips.

Storage for wet weather gear

Our guests love to venture out whatever the weather, so think about where they can store muddy wellies, boots and wet gear. For example, The Potting Shed have a drip tray underneath the coats hook, conveniently located near the wood burner.

Winter meals

Do you offer any winter warmers, hearty stews, soups and lasagnes for guests to pre-order as an easy option for dinner? Change up your welcome hamper too; maybe by adding a hot chocolate kit.

Underfloor heating

An extra treat for guests, especially in the bathroom.

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